Information For Vendors

Where: Rainforest Arts Center located at: 35 North Forks Ave., Forks, WA 98331

Click the map to go to Google Maps location for the Rainforest Arts Center

When: June 14-16 (Father’s Day Weekend)

Fees: No cover charge for attendees! $25 for each table for vendors(we don’t mind if you want to split the cost with another person but we limit it to a per table fee).
As far as tables themselves, they are 6 foot modern folding tables, about 3 feet wide surface and you can have props or anything in front of them so long as they can’t hurt someone potentially.

Miscellany: Each food vendor is responsible for contacting Clallam County Health Dept. to gather the required permits and have them on hand at the convention. We supply wifi, power and a modern facility which has clean bathrooms and drinking fountains. We are in close proximity to several downtown businesses and within walking distance from most motels (the furthest is around 6 blocks). There is short term parking on the street at the convention but there is lots of parking available in back of the Rainforest Arts Center.
*We start on Friday afternoon around 3pm on Friday the 14th of June and go all evening until 2am(you only need to stay as long as you want as a vendor), then we open back up at 10am on Saturday and go until 2am again that night. Sunday is shorter as we open at 10am and close the doors at 4pm for clean up. You are also invited to lead a panel, a game, or a Q&A on any topic you’d like provided we still have time slots available! Let us know if you have any other questions or to confirm your intentions by clicking on the Email Us link on the side panel!

If you are interested, don’t wait to sign up for a table, time is running out and we need all table fees paid prior to the Convention!