Guest Spot: Stevan Chase

Guest Spot: Stevan Chase

The art of Stevan Chase…

Stevan Chase is a pop culture artist, a character designer, and is known for his Iconicharacter series that feature characters from the past and present. Majority of his characters are from popular movies and TV shows. His Iconicharacter series range from superheroes, villains, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, 80’s, 90’s, and current characters. He not only creates fan art but also produces characters of his own. Graphic design and animation/videography is another skillset he is known for in his community. He has attended many comic cons throughout the North West, as an artist and as a fan. You can find more about Stevan Chase by searching YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also has an online shop called Iconicharacters and his sticker shop called Toon Cafe. We are very excited to have this rising talent as a guest at our show.

Click on the above picture above to check out Stevan’s instagram page.

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