Guest Spotlight: Chris Mcfann

Guest Spotlight: Chris Mcfann

Rebel Rising cover for issue #4, credit: Jay Fotos studio and Chris Mcfann

My friend whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for some twenty odd years has decided to take me up on the invitation to join Raincon’s growing list of guests this year! Chris has done work with several titles and illustrations over the years and came out with his own graphic novel not long ago, is no stranger to comicons! As such, I’m happy to present Chris’s latest work for JAY FOTOS studios on Rising Rebels #4 . Over the years that I’ve known Chris he’s been instrumental in my geek development, from my first 3rd ed. D&D game to one of my artistic inspirations, I’m very proud to have Chris join us this year.

Venom as the Spirit of Vengeance, Credit: Chris Mcfann


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