Pat Lowinger to give a talk at Raincon Friday evening!

Pat Lowinger to give a talk at Raincon Friday evening!

The esteemed Pat Lowinger himself.

Patrick Lowinger is a historian and freelance writer. Patrick possesses an MA in ancient history from American Military University, a PgDip in Archaeology from the University of Leicester and a B.S. in microbiology from CSU-Long Beach. In addition to teaching, Patrick is currently conducting research in pursuit of his a PhD in Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

Pat’s interest and area of focus are on the people and societies of the ancient Mediterranean – from the Late Bronze Age through Early Medieval periods. As an active member of the Association of Ancient Historians, Archaeological Institute of American, Society for Romanian Studies and Bulgarian Archaeological Association, Pat remains academically engaged – spending his summers in Romania doing archaeological field work at the fortified Roman port city of Halmyris.

Pat will be giving a short lecture at 6pm the 14th of June at Raincon on the first nation of Christians, ” At the dawn of the 4th century CE, the Kingdom of Armenia became the first people and nation to embrace Christianity as a state religion. This adoption came nearly 80 years before the Edict of Thessalonica which established Christianity as the state religion within the Roman Empire. Despite Armenia’s longstanding Christian tradition, in 554 CE, the Armenian Church severed all ties with Rome and Constantinople. What did this break mean for Christians living in Asia Minor, the Near East and Mesopotamia? This discussion will focus on Armenia’s religious, social and political history during the 4th through mid 7th centuries CE.”

We’re excited and hope you all will join us for a riveting evening of ancient history!

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