RAINCON 2019, That’s a wrap!

RAINCON 2019, That’s a wrap!

Matt Hunter as Spiderman 2099

RAINCON 2019 went splendidly! Thanks again to all our vendors, guests, volunteers and attendees! You all made this a very special event!

Coming shortly for vendors and guests will be a short questionaire designed to find out how things went for each of you specifically. From there we will formulate and devise new and interesting ways to make life(and the trip to Forks easier for our vendors and guests if possible.

This week we will be having a wrap meeting to discuss issues from the volunteer side of things and find out what went right, and what went unexpectedly. I’m also thinking of trying to outlay a vision for a few different positions of responsibility in our organization and perhaps going non-profit. Things to discuss and mull over for the next year.

On a side note, we did do well both attendance wise and donation wise, so we should be starting with more funds than we did from the last year, so that’s nice!

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